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A Comprehensive Approach To Business Consulting

At Delpuma Consulting Group, we take a comprehensive approach as a business advisor and business consultant in assessing the business and giving guidance to management. We assure that the business strategy is sound, validated and clearly focused on the goals set forth.

We work to align the strategy with four critical dimensions of the business:
Branding/Messaging – Financial – Customer Service – Operations

We believe that success can only be achieved if all of these dimensions are aligned and focused towards the same destination. Most importantly, success is achieved through proper execution of all four dimensions.


Proper execution takes place when success is defined as clear, tangible, measures that are based on results, and linked to rewards.

We stand side by side with founders, management, and investors. We take a hands-on approach to implementation and execution. Our strategies and solutions are pragmatic and grounded in business reality. That’s because we are often called upon to implement our strategies and we are judged on the results. To further support this core principle, we will also consider equity, warrants or options in combination with fees as compensation for our work under appropriate circumstances.

Our Most Popular Consulting Services

Complete Business Plans

Event Consulting

Business Makeover

Marketing Audit


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